Case Study – APH Contracting Pty Ltd, Bunbury, Western Australia

Customer: APH Contracting Pty Ltd
Location: Bunbury – Western Australia
Product: 1 x 8042T
Material type: Limestone
Application: Stockpiling
Tonnage up to 600 TPH

APH Contracting’s major problem with their limestone quarry was space on the quarry floor, so
they required a large stockpiling machine. Along with limited space they also wanted to reduce
the fuel/operator costs involved in having to work extra loaders on site and provide a more cost
effective and safer working environment.

Several Features contributed to the purchase of the 8042T Trackstack by APH Contracting as
opposed to other Stackers on the Market – here are to mention a few:

  • Greater Stockpile Capacity – With our 11.3mtr discharge height this gave us a stockpile capacity
    of 3,500 Tonne. (Competitor Max. 10.73mtrs discharge). With space being the major concern in
    the quarry this was a huge benefit in our favour.
  • Bigger Motors – Running a 53kw engine as opposed to a 38kw that are in other models and
    coupled with running a 5:1 reduction gear box as opposed to hydraulic motors, the 8042T offered
    more power and torque to give increased tonnages per hour (up to 600TPH) and enough torque to
    pull a fully loaded belt if required in the event of a stoppage (no manual shovelling required).
    Luckily the customer had heard of other stackers in the market with smaller motors that had failed
    – this put his mind as ease.
  • Heavy Duty Design – They were impressed with how robust the machine was built, weighing in at
    15.5 Tonnes which was ideal for the harsh conditions we experience here in Western Australia.
    This is a heavier unit by 5 Tonnes to others in the market.

Benefits since purchase of Trackstack 8042T:

  • Large Stockpile Capacity – They are utilizing all available space on the quarry floor. This was their
    major problem and now with the Trackstacker they have more room for trucks to come in and out.
  • Reduced Fuel/Operator Costs – As a result of the purchase of the 8042T, APH who were running
    x3 980 CAT Loaders on site have now reduced that to x2. With the 980 using up on average 30
    Litres of fuel per hour the Trackstack is on average using 8-10 litres per hour – saving 20-22 litres
    per hour on fuel. Also one less operator @ approx. $100/hr!
  • Safer Working Environment – With less loader’s on site and better utilization of space this has
    provided APH with safe working area that is more accessible for trucks coming in and out.