Case Study – Ferguson Coal, Ayshire, Scotland

Customer: Fergusson Coal
Location: Hunterston, Ayshire, Scotland
Product: 3 x 8042T and 1 x 6536T
Material type: coal
Application: stockpiling
Tonnage up to 600 TPH

Fergusson’s have been using a variety of conveyors from 2008 and including a 6542T Trackstack in conjunction with a large fleet of loading shovels to manage their stockpiles. Before the introduction of conveyors they had a number of problems including;

  • Degradation and compaction of material,
  • Dropping sized coal from loading shovel
  • Increase in fines with additional handling
  • Workload of Loading Shovel
  • Fuel cost and quantity in gallons required to operate stock yard
  • Rough terrain and downtime to move mobile plant

Benefits since first purchase
Fergusson coal has benefited greatly with the use of Track conveyors, they have increased productivity and reduced the downtime required to move mobile equipment around site. Increased stockpile capacity with the minimized breakage and compaction of material. They have greatly improved the consistency of material, cleaner stockpiles and less spillage around site with the reduction in loader shovel movement.

2012 update
Fergusson coal made a commercial decision to update their equipment this year; key factors in their decision were fuel consumption savings and past machine reliability. They also wanted to increase the stock pile height with the use of chevron belts and improve belt cleaning with specialized scrapers.

The capital purchase consisted of 9 new Caterpillar 966K loading shovels and 3 x 8042T and 1 x 6536T Trackstacks.

The Trackstack specification included; standard feed boot with extensions, dust covers, discharge chute, chevron belt and specialized scraper.

Trackstack selling feature on fuel consumption
Our specification is very different to others available as we operate a 53Kw (70hp) engine in conjunction with cast iron pump and internal drive gearbox at conveyor head, giving 3.5 times more torque than the normal standard in this range. Conveyor capacity able to achieve up to 600 tph, and for 3-400 tph requirements you can reduce the engine revs down to 1650 rpm from the maximum 2200 available and this will reduce your fuel consumption dramatically. We have customers indicating as little as 2.5-4 litres per hour depending on application. This machine has enough torque to start the belt when full in the event it would run out of diesel or get a blockage, no manual shoveling required.