Product Focus: New Trackstack 8542TBF – Belt Feeder Stockpiler

Product: New Trackstack 8542TBF Tracked Belt Feeder Stockpiler.
Also located on site there are, 4 x 8042T’s, 1 x 6536T and 1 x 6542T Tracked Stockpiler.
Location: Scotland
Material type: Coal
Application: Stockpiling and Classifying oversize coal lumps
Tonnage: 550 TPH @ 0.9T/M3 (which is equivalent of 800 TPH at 1.6 T/M3)

Based on the design of the proven 8042T the 8542TBF incorporates a belt feeder section and hopper, which was fitted with a 2 deck vibrating live head section that can be fed by wheeled loader or excavator. With 100mm spacing on the top deck bars and 60mm mesh on the bottom deck the coal is screened at 0-60mm which is then stockpiled by the conveyor. There is also a set of weigh scales on the stockpiling belt, allowing output to be monitored accurately by the operator. Because of the lower density of coal averaging 0.9T/M3 it requires x2 large wheeled loaders to keep the conveyor working at approximately 80% capacity.

In this application the Trackstack conveyor range is able to provide a total cost based solution to the material movement and stockpiling issues. The company now operate seven Trackstack mobile tracked conveyor units within their coal handling facilities working 20 hour shifts every day, 6 days per week, helping to lower overall operation costs.

Summary of Key Features:
– Cast Iron pump and Internal drive gearbox at conveyor head, providing 3.5 times more torque than standard setups. Can start belt when full.
– High Powered Caterpillar 130 Horse Power Engine
– Large capacity hopper with belt feeder delivering regulated Feed to stockpile conveyor
– Extremely long conveyor giving long reach and 12 metre stockpiles
– Classification capability with x2 Deck Vibrating Live Head
– On-board weigh scales for accurate performance monitoring
– Reverse Tilting Head Section
– Excellent Mobility and Quick Setup Time.
– Heavy Duty Design and Manufacture to Quarry and Mining Spec.

Summary of Key Benefits:
– Larger Stockpiles as floor space is at a premium
– Overall Fuel Bill is Reduced by over 50%
– Reduced Operator Costs
– Reduced Maintenance Costs, ie./ tyres, shocks on wheeled loaders
– Safer Working Environment
– Increased Productivity
– Reduced downtime and time to move mobile equipment around site
– Minimized breakage and compaction of material.
– Improved the consistency of material
– Cleaner stockpiles
– Less spillage around site with the reduction in Wheeled Loader movement