Product Focus: 8042TSL Tracked Radial Stockpiler

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Trackstack 8042TSL is a Self‐Contained Tracked Radial Stockpiler working as the final link in a crushing and screening circuit, stockpiling 0‐40mm sub‐base material from the minus size side belt on a scalper screen:

 Location: Castlenavan Quarry, Seaford, Co Down, Northern Ireland
 Rock Type: Quartzite
 Feed Size: Primary Blasted Rock
 Abrasiveness: High
 2162 m3 Conical Stockpile Capacity (3460 Tonnes @ 1.6T/m3)
 9222 m3 Kidney Stockpile Capacity (14755 Tonnes @ 1.6T/m3)
 1050mm (42”) Wide Hydraulically Folding Product Conveyor Belt
 66Hp Deutz TD 2011 L 04 I Tier 3 Engine
 Variable Operation Heights
 Fast on Site Setup Time – 10 Minutes


Prior to the introduction of the Trackstack 8042TSL the quarry operator was using constantly using 2 x wheeled loaders to keep material clear from the screening plant and for loading trucks, meaning the floor space available was very congested.

With the introduction of the 8042TSL, the operator has been able to eliminate the second wheeled loader and take advantage of the cost savings from this. The quarry operator is now maximising the use of available space with large stockpiles.

 The customer is currently using 8042TSL for standard ‘straight’ stockpiling duties
 The 8042TSL is equipped with a radial stockpile function
 Capacity for 9222 m3 Kidney Stockpile Capacity (14755 Tonnes @ 1.6T/ m3)
 Longer Term Planning: As the quarry operator creates more space on the quarry floor, the radial stockpile function can be used to its full capacity.
 Safer Working Environment: There is more room for trucks operating in the quarry
 Reduced Fuel and Overall Operating Costs: (A Cat 980 uses on average 30 Litres of fuel per hour whereas 8042TSL uses on average 8‐10 litres per hour, saving 20‐22 litres per hour on fuel)